Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hotel for Purification

Following my rave of the high-rise w/backyard by Meir Lobaton + Kristjan Donaldson in Mexico City (see here), here's another cool project by LEGORRETA + LEGORRETA, SerranoMonjaraz Arquitectos in Puebla, México. This building used to be an ice factory where water is bottled and purified ~ the hotel is now called La Purificadora Hotel. Combining new and old elements of the building, the architects and designers created an amazing design.

Images via Arch Daily


  1. Cool, but only possible without the Vegas Codes

  2. kinda freaky (i.e., swimming man in aquarium, purple tetris, balconies with no boundaries, and rooms with bound-to-crash-into invisible partitions)...

    HM......I'm really not sure.