Friday, June 19, 2009

My dream Apartment

My dream apartment is being built in Mexico City! I've always want to live in a high rise with a backyard, and Meir Lobaton and Kristjan Donaldson is achieving this. Too bad not in a city I plan to live in. According to Arch Daily, "Each floor plan is organized around a single apartment type that is 400 square meters with a gardened extension of approximately 160 square meters. By rotating the apartments 90 degrees at successive levels, the gardens sit above the cantilevered bedrooms of the apartment below." OMG.....

Images Via Arch Daily


  1. WOW what an idea. Don't they have strong winds?
    I wonder how the plants and the building hold up when they get bigger?

  2. Ok...this is pretty damn cool. And it's a really big apartment at 4300 sq ft. They have quite the open concept going with the big open glass doors...are winds really not a problem?

    ... ... ...I guess they will only have plants/trees that are suitable for high-rise growth, since there doesn't seem to be much space/depth for roots to grow. Plus, your downstair neighbor's tree will be right outside one corner of your property, so I wonder about maintenance (trees do need to be cut, but you can't control how often your neighbor trims)...

    well, the ideal case is my downstair neighbor growing some peaches or whatever and I get to pluck it everyday...I imagine there will be less squirrels going into high-rise backyards to steal peaches nice...